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Regional Advocacy Platform on the Campaign for the SADC Disability Protocol

During the Southern Africa Disability Round Table Forum held in June 2017 in South Africa, organized by the Southern Africa Federation of the Disabled (SAFOD), one of the key issues that were discussed was the draft SADC Disability Protocol currently being championed by SAFOD.


To ensure that persons with disabilities have full access to fundamental human rights through their active involvement in policy development and implementation in Southern Africa.


a) To provide technical support and inputs towards the drafting of the SADC Disability Protocol

b) To lobby and advocate for the adoption of the SADC Disability Protocol both a national level and international level.

c) To fundraise for resources that will ensure successful drafting and final adoption of the protocol

d) To promote and systematically monitor legislative proposals and strategic campaign work to influencing policy and practice throughout Southern Africa.




Property For Sale

The property in Francistown can be perfect for potential real estate investors, especially those interested in investing in a lodge as the complex consists of five units, including what used to be a bar before it was owned SAFOD’s property by 2009. It also consists of what used to be swimming pool which currently needs complete refurbishment. Apart from the administrative office, the other units were meant to be rooms for lodging.

For more information read here: http://property.safod.net/

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The myth of asexuality? Disability stigma as a barrier to sexual relationships

SAFOD and the University of East London (UEL) of Docklands Campus in the UK, signed a Sub-Contract to jointly conduct a research in South Africa entitled “The myth of asexuality? Disability stigma as a barrier to sexual relationships in South Africa.” with financial support from the the France-based International Foundation of Applied Disability Research (FIRAH).

The project is investigating the prevailing myths and attitudes towards the sexuality of Persons with physical Disabilities.

This is collaborative research project which also involves two other key partners, namely the South Africa-basedStellenbosch University and the Norway-based Stiftelsen for industriellogtekniskforskning(SITEF) – or in English, the Foundation for Scientific and Industrial Research (SINTEF).

Strategic Goal:

To investigate the prevailing myths and attitudes towards the sexuality of people with physical disabilities among a sample general population in South Africa, as well as the experiences of people with physical disabilities.

Strategic Objectives:

  • Investigate the attitudes of the general population towards the sexuality of people with disabilities in South Africa;
  • Explore the experiences of stigma and barriers to fulfilling sexual relationships among people with disabilities in South Africa;
  • Raise public awareness about the intersection between disability stigma and sexuality

The myth of asexuality_ Disability stigma as a barrier to sexual relationships.png